Hi, I'm


Carla Cardoso, business support services, assistente virtual

I was never a fan of rules. I was always the girl of causes, punk and rebel, who was always ready to break them, to stretch limits and challenge conventions. If I was told "No!", I would always question "Why?". Obviously this led me to fall many times and a lot of headaches, but also a lot of learning.

This learning forced me to change cities and, from an early age, to make decisions, to take responsibility, to use rebellion as fuel for survival in the capital. But as an eternal optimist, I faced all difficulties with an enormous curiosity to see what would be on the other side of the mountain.

This led me to perform administrative and operational functions in areas as different as online auctions, safety equipment, automotive sector, market research, among others.

However, the rebellion did not cease to exist and I felt that I needed something more... and I got training in Advertising and Marketing and Business Intelligence. But the conventionality of a corporate job and the need to leave a personal stamp on everything I do, brought me here.

To you.

Because if you're reading this story, it's because there's something rebellious about you, and you're someone who wants to do something different and who wants to leave his mark on the world. And I can be the missing piece of the puzzle to better organize your tasks, optimize your time and add hours to your days so you can focus on what is essential to you.

Companies I've worked for: